Virtual Career Fair Network

Virtual Career Fair

Career fairs remain an essential part of connecting with local job seekers. You now have an easy and convenient way to participate in fairs without the risk and expense of an in-person event.

Our Virtual Career Fair platform is a great way to attract and engage with candidates in a frictionless, no-contact environment. You can highlight your employer brand in an online booth, as well as conduct live 1:1 chat sessions with job seekers to determine which candidates you want to advance to the next interview stage.


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In today’s world, in-person events are not advisable, or even possible, in many areas. Yet, the need to bring in new talent is still very much a reality. To meet your hiring needs, we are offering a Virtual Career Fair that enables you to connect with local job seekers while still remaining socially distant.

Virtual career fairs offer some strong advantages over a job board. By chatting 1:1 with job seekers, your recruiters are able to quickly and effectively determine whether they want to move candidates forward to the next step in the hiring process. You will receive information on all attendees, including all chat history, after the event.


  • Immersive virtual environment creates a compelling job seeker experience, reinforcing your employer brand identity, even if you are not hiring at this moment.
  • All-online events are practical and timely. Both your recruiters and candidates will appreciate being able to attend from their preferred remote location.


  • Your logo will be displayed on the job seeker registration page.
  • Chat with candidates. Use up to two chat “seats” for your recruiters to chat with job seekers. You can have either one or two people chatting with multiple candidates, at any given time.
  • Customize your booth. This is your time to shine. In addition to displaying your logo and a marketing overview of your company, you have the option of showcasing a video or offer, and featuring your social media presence. Also, be sure to highlight why your company is a great place to work!
  • Download registrant and attendee details, including those who did not visit your booth.
  • Compatible with a range of devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, for both exhibitors and job seekers. An updated browser, like Google Chrome, is preferred.
  • Your booth will be live for a month after the fair starts, so that job seekers can still learn about your company and apply to open opportunities.


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